6 Best GPS Tracker for Car and Key Features


# 1– Americaloc GL300W Mini Portable GPS Tracker

The Americaloc GL300W is a costly tracker, but you won’t discover a much better one. It offers real-time tracking and enables you to view up to one year of history.

The magnetic case permits you to conceal it truly well on your automobile and the battery life (approximately a couple of weeks) is longer than the competitors. You can set it about to notify you on motion, entering/leaving zones, speeding, and other scenarios.

# 2– Optimus 2.0 GPS Tracker Bundle

The Optimus 2.0 is a quality car GPS tracker with compatible apps available for Android and iOS gadgets. Whenever the tracker generates new data, you can use your mobile app to view and handle this information.

That is fantastic for historic information reference for your vehicle. The twin-magnet case works effectively for concealment.

# 3– Linxup OBD GPS Tracker

A budget plan-friendly design, the Linxup GPS tracker, easily installs in your car’s OBD port and is a popular option.

Aside from essential tracking functions, you will have access to Google Maps, text alerts, e-mail notifies, maintenance tracking, and more. It can also spot driver efficiency and offer reports on it.

# 4– The Mileage Ace GPS Mileage Tracker

If you’re running a business and you need to track the mileage of your drivers, let the Mileage Ace GPS Mileage Tracker do the work for you. Usually, you would depend upon the motorist to produce mileage logs for you.

To ensure there is no human error, this tracker can keep a more accurate account of the miles driven. That will make it easier to declare tax deductions on automobile usage and more.

# 5– Automatic AUT-450C OBD II Tracker

The Automatic AUT-450C car tracker does things a bit in a different way. Rather than a typical regular monthly cost for tracking, this unit uses 3G information consisting of an (unlimited) 5-year subscription.

It has a built-in car code scanner to assist in translating that checks engine lights and immediately notifies emergency services on the occasion of a crash. Alexa, Nest, and IFTTT compatibility allow you to link to your digital life effortlessly.

# 6– Spytec GL300 Mini GPS Tracker

If you desire to put a tracker in your vehicle discretely, the Spy Tec is a fantastic concealed car GPS tracker. It does not require connecting to the OBDII serial port. That means you can hide the tracking device anywhere in the car.

The battery has a 2-week lifespan, so you’ll require to watch on it. It’s a popular tracking, but the month-to-month cost is a little high.

Key Features

Signal Reach

Some GPS trackers include worldwide service. However, numerous do not work beyond the United States. Some companies allow you to add different nations for a charge. You must make sure you know what the signal reach is on your GPS tracker to avoid losing the signal or incurring an incidental cost. Make sure you add that nation to your strategy so you can keep utilizing your GPS tracker if you or someone else plans on taking your lorry out of the country.

SOS Button

Security is vital with GPS trackers. If you’re ever in an emergency, they can trigger the SOS button, alerting first responders of their location. That can save essential time in emergencies.

Genuine Time Tracking

Most GPS tracking devices on the marketplace today are possible with real-time monitoring. With this feature, many users can see the specific place of their vehicle via a map and notices. Users will also know the route and address of their car and whether or not it remains in movement. The majority allows several users to view the device’s information on numerous gadgets—real-time tracking supplies users with the details needed to find and retrieve their automobile.

Journey History

Another excellent and crucial function is that numerous GPS trackers provide a history of the various journey chauffeurs of the lorry has made. The GPS trip function shows where and how the car graphically moved on the map. The tracker includes other journey history details, consisting of kilometers/miles, stoppages, idleness, engine time, and average vehicle speed. The GPS feature likewise displays on the map any car speeding and overdrive stretches. Some GPS trackers with the journey history function again include the alternative to replay the whole journey. If you lose your lorry, you can utilize the journey history to see where the lorry went and its current location.


To get the necessary details from your car’s GPS, you do not have to look at the system continuously. When they get notifications about the status of their lorry, a lot of GPS trackers permit users to set up the notifies. GPS trackers can include information for speeding, tampering, the start of the day, path deviation, driver behavior, plus far more. The GPS data can assist users in optimizing fuel use and define their best route to regular driving areas. For users seeking to track their vehicle for security and defense functions, GPS tracker informs show to be beneficial.


GPS trackers that have the geofencing feature can customize their alerts to the next level. Users can produce geographical borders called geofences on the GPS map around a landmark. Whenever the automobile gets in or exits the geofence, users will receive an alert. You can use the monitoring information and translate it into increased functional efficiency, raised security, and improved user safety.

Other Considerations


The safest location for your GPS tracker is inside the car, but numerous users prefer to hide theirs on the car’s exterior. In that case, it’s essential to purchase a tracking device that can withstand water and other particles that get thrown onto the underside of the car by the tires.

Personal Privacy

While trackers can assist you in keeping your family safe, they can likewise provide a direct line to your household when needed. Make sure you keep the details you get from your GPS tracker protected and personal. Keep password locks on your phone or computer system and alter them routinely to keep hackers from being able to access your GPS information.

Storage and Cases

If you wish to use the tracker directly to the car by putting it below, you will most likely want to think about getting a protective case for it. That will help prevent damage from roadway particles. You can likewise look into issues for putting it in your car with an adhesive to safeguard the tracker from shock damage.

At Any Time Anywhere Access

When you buy a GPS car tracker, you get to the tracking system information online, mobile phone, and other gadgets. Knowing where your automobile and its occupants are at any time and from anywhere provides additional defense, which can ease parents’ minds. This access typically includes an easy-to-use app that will keep all sorts of users informed about the automobile’s movement in real-time.

Easy Installation

The GPS tracker you pick will depend on your lorry tracking requirements. Many are easy to install and keep. Many feel that devices that support OBD ports are a much better option for a quick and easy setup or plug-and-play option.