Audio Pro Drumfire Review | Best Wireless Speaker in 2021

Audio Pro Drumfire
Audio Pro Drumfire

Audio Pro Drumfire is one of the best loudest multi-room wireless speakers. Here we have reviewed this speaker from all aspects.

REQUIREMENTS Of Audio Pro Drumfire

Measurements: HxWxD (cm): 15.5 x 36.5 x 19|Power: 300W Digital class D|Attributes: Bluetooth V4.0, multi-room, wi-fi, Spotify, AirPlay 2|Links: 3.5 mm stereo

Factors to Buy Audio Pro Drumfire

  • Nice and loud
  • Good perception of the area
  • Great develop quality

Reasons to Avoid

  • App needs work

Although we’re prepared to give it some kindhearted ribbing for an aesthetic that deserts the dashing handsomeness of other Audio Pro Drumfire speakers, the Drumfire is assembled exceptionally well. The vast lower portion of the Drumfire residences a 20cm speaker powered by a 200W Class D amplifier to pump bass into space. And you can hear it.

If you want a seriously effective, seriously remarkable sound– look no more. You get plenty of volume and weight, yet don’t be assuming this audio pro drumfire speaker can’t also do subtle; it’s a highly-accomplished best wireless speaker, whatever you toss at it. Add in multi-room connection and the choice to prolong the Audio Pro household, as well as you have an attractive, exceptional high-end speaker.

You can generally find an Audio Pro multi-room speaker a mile off, even if they’re usually pretty portable. It’s something to do with the large koala face, the leatheresque deal, and the small dimensions.

Every one of the company’s variety shows these top qualities– except the Drumfire. This multi-room speaker & sub-woofer combination looks more like a stylish minibar than an audio item from a distance. It’s one of Audio Pro Drumfire’s more large initiatives at a total amount of 65 x 52 x 19cm (height/width/depth).

But get it playing, and also, you get advised this is an Audio Pro product. The Drumfire is scorchingly great.


Although we get prepared to give it some good-natured ribbing for an aesthetic that deserts the recent fad of Audio Pro Drumfire speakers such as the Addon C10 or Addon T5, the Drumfire is created very well.

It’s coated in faux leather, with handstitched strings, while the aluminum outlining clusters versus the soft textile.

Readily available in either grey or a luscious white, we can’t picture there are many living spaces or hi-fi spaces in which the Audio Pro Drumfire would be unwelcome.


The large lower part of the Drumfire residences a 20cm subwoofer powered by a 200W Class D amplifier is to pump bass right into space.

On the back, there are some dials for crossover frequency & quantity level and two buttons: one that toggles the speaker’s standby setting and the other to take care of phase.

On top of the sub is the 2nd part of the Drumfire’s set-up, containing two 11cm woofers & a 25mm tweeter. The box has an RCA input for an external analog resource and an ethernet port and a 3.5 mm input.

There are also four predetermined buttons so you can quickly obtain the Audio Pro Drumfire playing your favorite radio station. These are nice to utilize with exemplary, responsive comments, and feedback times are great as well.

On the left are the switches to transform sources, with Audio Pro using both Bluetooth and wi-fi connection along with Spotify Connect for Premium clients.

The Drumfire will undoubtedly play a wide variety of file styles, including MP3, WMA, AAC, FLAC, and Apple Lossless. If you run music from your server, you shouldn’t meet numerous compatibility issues.

Connecting per input is reasonably uncomplicated, although you may have some problem with the Audio Pro’s clunky app– it’s truly the only point stalling Audio Pro’s otherwise smooth individual experience.

You can stream from the normal range of resources, consisting of Spotify, Tidal, Deezer, and Apple Music. However, we’d still consider a more contemporary, rejuvenating layout for a more pleasurable user experience.

The app fails to acknowledge the Audio Pro Drumfire on our initial two efforts, but after what IT professionals call a ‘power cycle’ (or transform it on and off once again), get prepared to go.


When it starts, boy does it go. We play AC/DC’s Highway to Hell, & also it fits this speaker completely. The iconic guitar strums burglarize our testing room easily, complied with forceful bass that lugs an outstanding amount of weight.

As the energy and intensity accumulate in the chorus’s direction, the rapid bass-drum defeats come through like a flurry of strikes.

Everyone strikes squarely as well as evenly. However, that’s not to say the Drumfire has given up detail for force. When they’re getting thwacked in quick succession, there’s an impressive sense of appearance to the drums that suggest you can also tell them apart.

Its feeling of timing is first-class also, going on top of each beat while integrating them as a particular pressure. When matched with a speaker also– but the Audio Pro Drumfire has none of those drawbacks, other wireless audio speakers can have a problem in this area– especially.

The midrange is maintained clear and clean also, particularly noticeable when Bon Scott’s powerful, growling vocals punctured the remainder of AC/DC’s clamor. And the Drumfire does the very same with even more delicate tracks too.

We exchange to Curse of the Contemporary by Laura Marling and Mike Lindsay as well as, as Marling prepares herself to sing, you can construct the tiny, refined modification in stress as her lips come close to the microphone. It’s a transient noise. However, the Drumfire places it across well.

Even when Marling’s voice strains reach the top notes, the Audio Pro Drumfire keeps it open as well as spacious. There’s room for the song to come and take a breath right into its very own, such as the Drumfire’s scale and authority.

Those high qualities are matched with liquid and also passionate dynamism. Just Like Audio Pro’s other speakers, the Drumfire is as expressive with small, impactful noises (such as the gunshots in Childish Gambino’s This is America) as it is with the cacophony of audio that forms any of Dragonforce’s tracks.

There’s just one item of recommendation we’d offer to any possible customer: run it in. It needs to obtain one of the most out of this speaker, as out of the package, it errs on the looser, much less insightful side of what is still a fairly impressive


As an all-in-one system to link many sources, the Audio Pro Drumfire is a beautiful selection for cash.

Audio Pro’s sonic chops improve as its speakers get bigger, and also, this hefty hunk of hi-fi is like we hoped.

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