3 Best Cordless Impact Drivers | 2021 Purchasing Guide


A cordless impact driver is one kind of handheld power tool mainly used for driving screws and setting nuts. Since it’s lighter and smaller than drill chauffeurs and has a higher torque speed, the house owners and the professionals choose the tool. A cordless impact driver is a valuable tool, beneficial when you require to, for instance, drive big fasteners like lag bolts through decks and other thick materials.

You must consider important factors and features that are definitive for the total quality of the best cordless impact driver. The best impression of the appropriate characteristics that impact cordless impact driver’s efficiency will assist you in buying a quality item that can stand up to any obstacle. Now, we will point out some pertinent aspects you need to consider before buying a cordless impact driver.

Leading 3 Best Cordless Impact Drivers 2021

1. BLACK+DECKER BDCI20C 20V MAX Lithium- Impact Driver

Why we choose it: 

BLACK+DECKER is a distinguished brand that offers excellent tools, and this cordless impact driver is no exception. This driver features dependable and high efficiency that gives you all the benefits that cordless impact chauffeurs have. Likewise, the long life span of this tool’s battery is one of the key features as it offers you the possibility to use this cordless impact driver for longer durations of time without charging it.

High torque speed

BLACK+DECKER impact driver satisfies the primary criteria of a quality cordless impact driver product, and that’s a high torque speed of 1375 in-lbs max torque. This torque-speed can withstand any difficult screw driving or nut setting operation you require to end up. Likewise, even though this lithium impact driver features high torque speed, the tool is not too loud, so you can utilize it comfortably even if you are delicate to sound.

Long-term Battery

This cordless impact driver has a long life-span battery that includes an optimum initial battery voltage of 20 Volts and a small voltage of 18 volts. BLACK-+ DECKER driver’s battery will give you with long and trustworthy efficiency that sets you devoid of the need to recharge the battery typically. While you have to use the driver for long durations of time, this function shows as advantageous. It’s easy to utilize.

BLACK+DECKER cordless impact driver has such a compact construction that permits for comfortable use. The driver has ergonomic management that ensures a firm grip that can hold up against the tool’s recoil and supply you with precise device usage.

The tool is lightweight, which implies that you will have much better control of the cordless impact driver and, in general, better efficiency while utilizing it. A small weight is an essential feature of this BLACK+DECKER impact driver tool, and it must figure as decisive while you consider whether you will select this or another cordless impact driver model.


  • This cordless impact driver has an excellent torque speed.
  • The tool is not too loud.
  • The long-lasting battery gives you the possibility to use this cordless impact driver with no requirement to recharge it frequently.
  • It’s easy to utilize this tool as it features comfortable management and small weight.


Some users report minor problems while eliminating more delicate screws utilizing the driver.

2. VonHaus-20V Cordless 1/4″ Impact Driver Set

Why we prefer it: 

VonHaus cordless impact driver includes intriguing functions such as a built-in LED light that illuminates your working space and gives you a better summary. Likewise, the driver is simple to utilize and very portable as it includes lightweight and a lasting battery that makes this tool effective when it pertains to durable tasks. Torque-speed on this impact driver is high & makes this cordless impact driver an effective tool.


VonHaus cordless impact driver features a powerful torque of 1327 in/lbs that can stand up to any complex task with a 3000 RPM of speed. This cordless impact driver’s strength gets supplied by a high spec motor power which allows for screwing through the densest and thickest products.

LED light

VonHaus impact driver comes with an integrated LED flashlight designed to brighten your workspace and supply you with a better introduction to all the critical sectors of your work. The built-in LED flashlight also allows for many operations with this cordless impact driver model.


This product features a maximum balance between its structure and materials, enabling you to easily use the tool for more extended periods and enjoy its excellent efficiency. The tool’s equipment head consists of aluminum which ensures the tool’s lightweight.

Likewise, the aluminum building increases the tool’s durability and strength, providing you with reliable efficiency and a long life span. The overall performance of the VonHaus cordless impact driver gets improved with its specific building and design.


  • VonHaus cordless impact driver is an effective tool with an excellent torque speed.
  • The driver can screw through nearly any thick and thick material.
  • A Built-in LED flashlight can enhance your performance.
  • This cordless impact driver has a trustworthy and comfy use.


If you wish to see the full potential of this driver, you require to make an additional financial investment in a good bit set.

3. Milwaukee 2462-20 M12 Cordless Impact Driver

Why we like it: Milwaukee cordless impact driver comes with helpful interface options such as an onboard fuel gauge that informs you in increments of 25 percent how much battery you have left. Also, this tool has premium products and function construction and design, which are definitive for the optimum performance of this cordless impact driver.

Easy to utilize

Milwaukee cordless impact driver offers you comfortable use as it includes a compact deal that permits for a company grip and accurate control of the tool. The tool has a user interface that contains an onboard fuel gauge with LED lights on the side of the impact driver that shows how much battery you have left.

Milwaukee cordless impact driver also includes an ambidextrous belt clip. That assists you in controlling the tool, no matter if you are left-handed or ideal, as you can keep the included belt clip connected on the side of the driver that’s comfier for you.

LED lighting

The overall effectiveness of this cordless impact driver has LED lighting that gives you a much better summary of your work subject. The LED light panel lies above and in front of the trigger and gets triggered by it. This LED light panel’s position prevents shadows from being cast by the finger you use to start the tool.

Advanced battery technology

Milwaukee cordless impact driver includes a RedLithium innovation that is an internal computer system innovation that communicates with RedLithium powers and batteries them. This innovation makes it possible for cross-communication between the two charging systems and keeps the driver’s motor from overheating or drawing more energy. This feature boosts the toughness and durability of the tool.


  • This cordless impact driver has an ergonomic management style that makes it easy to use.
  • Ambidextrous belt clip makes the helpful impact driver both for right-handed and left individuals.
  • LED lighting technology offers you a better summary of your work topic.
  • RedLithium innovation enhances the driver’s sturdiness and long life expectancy.


The item comes without the battery and charger included.

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