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Sonos Move Bluetooth Speaker
Sonos Move Bluetooth Speaker

The Sonos Move Bluetooth Speaker is a long-awaited addition to the range – as well, as it’s easy to understand that the company has taken some time to obtain it.

We believe it attains what it lays out to by being both an indoor part of the Sonos system and something you can take outdoors (or around your home) when required. Lastly, the enhancement of Bluetooth indicates that you can go even further than your yard wherever you like.

The layout is robust, the top audio quality is adequate and excellent, and Auto Trueplay sees the Move noises as excellent wherever you put it.

The price may put some off as well, as it’s not the Sonos speaker for everyone. However, it’s the Sonos move Bluetooth speaker we’ve been waiting on.

Qualities of Sonos Move Bluetooth Speaker

Sonos creates the Move, mainly since making a speaker that also works outdoors as it performs in is a design headache. Both atmospheres are so acoustically various that it’s impossible to tune it for both.

However, the Move can tune itself based upon its environment. That is the very first Sonos move Bluetooth speaker with Auto Trueplay, an existing attribute that usually entails strolling rounded your room with a phone to profile the area.

However, the Move can do everything on its own and will retune every time you relocate (if you switch it on during arrangement). When you’ve chosen it up, thanks to an accelerometer inside, it recognizes. Keep in mind that you can not have the mic range silenced for it to function.

Typically, Trueplay takes a while to function however the Move can impressively do it in around 15-20 seconds.

You can also make the mics use of Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant, so this is also a smart Sonos move Bluetooth speaker, yet another feather in the Move’s cap.

It has made a reasonably husky Sonos Move Bluetooth Speaker for this job as the exterior is probably a bigger room loaded with audio than your living room – unless you have a tiny yard.

Front and the facility is a mid-woofer that deals with most regularity variety, including the bass. That gets accompanied by a downward tweeter, which has something called a ‘Waveguide.’

You can not see it; however, this curvy piece of molded plastic ensures the noise is distributed uniformly out the speaker’s front & sides.

The Sonos Move is loud. It can offer an outside speaker for extensive gardens or if you take it to the park. It does not use a 360-degree soundstage. However, the reality that it’s directional must assist you to stay clear of bothersome neighbors.

Naturally, the sound will generally alter as you obtain even more away from the top Bluetooth speaker, but we can still hear it instead, well at 15m down a garden, without even having the quantity high.

It is hard to comment on the sound profile that retunes itself, yet what’s outstanding here is just how consistent the Move is despite where you place it. Like the other Sonos items, the top sound quality is exceptional with a deep feeling with powerful bass yet enables lots of area for the mid and high regularities to beam.

Customarily, you can tweak exactly how the Sonos move Bluetooth speaker seems in the application if you want to.

One crucial thing to note, if you’re wondering, is that the Move can not function as a rear surround speaker like the Play:1 or One with the Playbar, as an example. Sonos tells the truth. You can move it around merely makes this too complex.

As discussed earlier, the Move has both Wi-Fi and also Bluetooth, so while you’re in the variety of your home network, it will certainly imitate any other Sonos move Bluetooth speaker. If your Wi-Fi does not cover the yard, you can change to Bluetooth to keep the songs moving.

That notably suggests you can take it anywhere – the beach, the park, your hotel space on holiday, or wherever.

It’s running Bluetooth 4.2 instead of the more recent 5.0 standard, yet Sonos states that it has enhanced variety and power monitoring no matter what. Still, it would help if you did not have any concerns unless you go significantly much from the Sonos move Bluetooth speaker. It can manage as many as 8 Bluetooth pairings and Multipoint with two tools all at once.

When it concerns battery life, Sonos is pricing estimate 10 hours of playback, which is pretty good when you consider just how sturdy this speaker is. The time will vary, relying on just how you’re using the Sonos Move Bluetooth speaker, consisting of quantity. In our screening – over Wi-Fi at tool volume – we located it might last 10 hrs.

As mentioned earlier, there’s a charging dock, yet you can also charge the Move using USB-C if you need to. That will be a genuine benefit if you, as an example, take it on holiday and also don’t wish to take the dock – or forget it.

The battery will last 900 fees, or around three years generally, yet it’s exchangeable, so it will not come to be a fixed speaker once the cell dies. You can put the Move into a suspend mode, and also, it will undoubtedly last five days.


The Sonos Move is the mobile speaker we’ve been hoping the company would undoubtedly produce for years as well as it measures up to our assumptions. That isn’t merely a Sonos One with a battery strapped on.

It may be costly, but this is both a portable and Sonos Move Bluetooth Speaker – 2 things that every person has been requesting in one gadget. Considering this can be made use of indoors and outdoors, you’re paying for a multi-purpose speaker, so we believe it’s good value.

Sonos has thoroughly considered the design, and also, audio includes the Move requirements to be effective.

We love the method the charging dock makes it simple to top up the battery while merely making it an indoor speaker. That battery is replaceable, so the Move doesn’t have a restricted lifespan. There’s the sturdy style with IP56 score and how Auto Trueplay ensures the Sonos Move Bluetooth speaker appears excellent no matter where you put it.

We really couldn’t have requested for far more and also don’t believe there’s anything quite such as this on the marketplace.

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